Your Journey to a New Smile

1. FREE Consultation Appointment

  • Meet the doctor and team
  • Digital photographs of the mouth and face, may also take a Panoramic radiograph
  • Comprehensive oral evaluation
  • Discuss what type of treatment is indicated and financial options

2. Records Appointment

  • A Cephalometric x-ray showing the relative position of the teeth and supporting structure
  • 3D scan of the mouth and teeth with iTero 3D scanner
  • Finalize financial arrangement, complete contract and consent forms

Note: If you require an appliance or the extraction of teeth in addition to your braces or Invisalign, there may be additional steps before the bonding.

3. Bonding Appointment

  • Braces are placed on teeth, or Invisalign aligners are started
  • Care instructions and how to clean your braces will be reviewed at the end of the appointment

Note: Bonding may occur at the same time as your records appointment. If you have chosen Invisalign you will have 3D scan of your teeth taken and you will have a Seat Aligner Appointment instead of a Bonding Appointment.

4. Adjustment Appointment

  • Occur every 4-8 weeks, sometimes more frequently near the end of treatment
  • The doctor will take steps to progress your treatment according to plan
  • Failure to attend appointments as scheduled can result in longer treatment times

5. Deband Appointment

  • Final records, Panoramic and Cephalometric x-rays, 3D scans, Photographs and Removal of brackets and wires
  • 3D scans of the upper and lower arches used to create a custom retainer after braces are removed
  • Seat retainers
  • Retainer wear and care instructions will be given

6. Retainer Check Appointment

  • Usually scheduled every few months for one to two years following the Deband Appointment
  • Always wear your retainer to these appointments

Check out our Smile Gallery for finished results of our patients!